Zoom audio | video etiquette

Zoom audio | video etiquette

Practicing good Zoom audio | video etiquette

There aren’t any substitutions for good manners and proper etiquette, throughout our daily interactions with people whether its business or pleasure. Some of the most common-sense things to avoid are quite easily ignored. However, here are a few important things we should completely avoid while attending a virtual gathering on Zoom:

  • Eating

  • Drinking

  • Slurping

  • Burping

  • Farthing

  • Picking your Nose

  • Picking your Teeth

  • Laughter out loud

  • Talking out of turn, or to someone else in the same room

Please be mindful of your gestures and body language during a virtual funeral | memorial service, or Celebration. It is very important to remember you’re in front of a camera, that allows everyone else to see you, includes your surroundings.

Zoom has provisions its users the ability to install a virtual background on their devices. We highly suggest making use of it.

When called upon to speak. Please try to focus your attention directly into your device’s camera while speaking, instead of looking at yourself on screen.

If you don’t have a Zoom virtual background installed. You may consider choosing a brightly lite area, with a background that’s not overwhelmingly busy, or distracting to the viewing audience.

 Whether you’re a participant paying tribute, or perhaps a vocalist, you’d want the virtual audience’s focal point to be upon you instead of a distractive, or messy background.

Another serious consideration for both the viewing and participating virtual audience. If perhaps you have a bathroom emergency that needs to be addressed immediately. Kindly turn off your video, and mute the audio on the device in use. Its highly suggested that you leave the device behind until you’ve finished your bathroom business, then resume the service thereafter.

A very unusual situation recently encountered by someone in the viewing audience, has created an astounding amount of embarrassment for that individual, while on a bathroom break. The view wasn’t the most appealing sight for a virtual audience. Let work towards avoiding this from ever happening again to anyone, including yourself.

Please try your best to eliminate any distractions, in some cases, you may be interrupted by kids or other members of your household walking around in your background area.

We strongly encourage everyone in attendance at home to kindly mute their device microphones, and silence all other devices that would normally ring. At all costs please avoid texting, to prevent any background noises, during the virtual funeral  | memorial service, or during a celebration, particularly when some else is speaking, or paying tribute.

Dress responsibly…You’re on camera!