What We Do

What We Do

Where Vision & Creativity
Meet Perfection

Our distinctive style and sophistication is a harmonious blend of how we plan & coordinate an event to meet each client’s expectation…We strategically assemble together all the necessary elements, which brings value to each planned event.

Our event planners are customer-centered, and express a unique passion for helping customers create and celebrate moments that are truly memorable.

We are not perfectionists, but through tireless efforts and dedication, we put our H.A.R.T.S into all that we do!

At Creative Harts, we’re very passionately driven about planning your next event!
We pride ourselves on understanding every detail of your expectation, so we can deliver as promised.
The size of your group activity shouldn’t matter…We’re equipped to work with Individuals, Groups, Organizations, and Corporate entities, ensuring each event is a huge success.

Creative Harts, LLC is a registered corporation operating in the State of Maryland, since 2015.
Our main goal and objective are, to facilitate our customers with planning and coordination events, servicing Metro D.C., and Maryland, including our ability to facilitate out of town customers, through a network of affiliate resource service providers. Or perhaps if a client prefers, and requests our planning coordinator travels, we’ll be happy to accommodate.
We primarily focus on event planning and coordination services of two areas currently in high demand.

  • Creative Harts, LLC / doing business as  [dba] Going Up Yonder is, a  service provider:

    • Funeral |Memorial Planning & Coordination Services
    • Facilitates & Organizes Funeral | Memorial Services
    • Liaison between Family, Church, Crematory, Burial site and Funeral Service Vendors
    • Facilitates Event Food Catering Services
    • Facilitates the Repast & the location
    • Facilitates Event Transportation Services
  • Creative Harts, LLC / doing business as  [dba] H.A.R.T. Eventz is a  service provider:

    • Event Planning & Coordination Services
    • Facilitates Corporate & Social Entertainment Events
    • Facilitates Event Food Catering Services
    • Facilitates Event Transportation Services

Going Up Yonder” was purposefully created to minimize anxieties families’ face, after losing a loved one. We realized that many clients become distraught during this extremely difficult time, particularly when spontaneous planning decisions have to be made, within marginal timelines.
Consequently, Going Up Yonder provides pre-planning services to clients as well as assistance in coordinating the entire funeral | memorial process. As part of this process for retaining our services, we automatically become the liaison between you, your family, the funeral home, the church/memorial services, the cemetery, and the repast, including several other funeral | memorial service vendors, tremendously minimizing the stress factors most of our clients encounter.

H.A.R.T. Eventz” is an evolution of several years in the making, blossomed from increased demands for event service ordering, originally initiated by friends and family, who sampled several varieties of our cakes, and other assorted desserts at family gatherings. The requests were consistent, and the demand grew overwhelming, as new and existing customers were placing new orders, and as a result of this. “H.A.R.T. Eventz” was born.

We make every effort to ensure our cakes are the perfect centerpiece for your wedding, birthday celebration, corporate event, baby shower, your personal pleasure, or any other creative occasion you may have in mind, not mentioned here.
Meanwhile, we’d like to encourage our clients who feel “STRESSED” to carefully examine the word “STRESSED” Then try spelling it backwards. So the results can help you achieve a stress free lifestyle, while enjoying some of our deliciously baked “DESSERTS”—the sweeter things in life.