Virtual Funeral Moderator

Virtual Funeral Moderator

There are many facets to being a moderator. One of the most important moderators today is a virtual funeral moderator.

A Virtual Funeral Moderator is tasked with the responsibilities somewhat on the same level as a mistress, or master of ceremony.

Although the role is quite similar, the program does differ. The virtual funeral moderator conducts each segment of the event, which includes introducing officiant, family & friends, cueing up pre-recorded music, hymnals, tributes, vocalists, musicians, among other responsibilities, based on the extent, or program requirements.

The virtual funeral moderator is also responsible for scheduling a virtual rehearsal at least a day prior to the commencement of the virtual funeral service, so as to allow everyone who plans to be in attendance, the chance to become familiar with the protocols of the virtual format. The virtual rehearsal usually lasts no more than one hour, provided all goes well.

A Virtual Funeral Officiant often times a pastor or priest is responsible for performing the eulogy, rituals, and leading the virtual funeral service in prayer, the officiant is also requested to be at the Virtual Funeral | Memorial service rehearsal, so they can be familiarized with the program at hand.

The virtual funeral service is broadcasted live over Zoom and can be seen anywhere in the world, provided you have a WIFI connection.

During the virtual service, everyone in attendance at home is kindly asked to mute their microphones, to avoid background noises, during the event.

Virtual Funeral Moderators work in collaboration with:

  • The Funeral Home Director | Directress

  • Video & Sound Recording Director | Directress

  • With the family, when the Coordinator is also the Virtual Funeral Moderator

Please let us know if there’s anything else you’d like us to do, making this day most memorable…

Service Request

Service Request - Virtual Funeral Moderator
Please note: Virtual Moderator Packages Start @ 1 hour minimum, regardless whether or nor your program was less that an hour in length. There is no package proration.
You can also make your request selections all at once for both rehearsal and Live Streaming Funeral | Memorial Services below.
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Please note: If your original event streaming package exceeds the allotted time slot, overage charges are automatically billed to you in 15 minute service increments. We simply encourage choosing your package carefully, in an effort to avoid any overages, should your event go into overtime