Although going through the grieving process after losing a loved one can be difficult, the funeral | memorial itself brings comfort and bonding with family members.

A funeral | memorial repast is an opportunity to reminisce about your loved one, in a less formal setting, over a meal.

After the funeral | memorial service, a repast usually follows. A gathering for family and close friends to pay their tributes to your loved one. Its an opportunity to offer condolences to the immediate family, which extends the celebration of your loved one’s life. Surrounding yourself with family and friends is the best way to process your emotional feelings, although strong support comes from everyone in attendance.

In modern times, most repasts are hosted at restaurants, the overflow reception room of churches, chapels, crematories, funeral homes, or even in the family’s home. While some repasts are open to the entire funeral guest list, sometimes they can be private events, only immediate friends and family are invited.

Traditionally, since the repast happens immediately after the funeral | memorial service has ended, it usually includes a full meal. The meal might consist of culturally significant foods and beverages, this widely depends upon how elaborate the family wishes to host the celebration of life. It most likely will be the favorite foods of your loved one.

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