Pre-Burial Arrangements

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Pre-Burial Arrangements

Imagine pre-planning your own funeral, although no one can anticipate, or predict this inevitable part of life!


Difficult Decisions…Compassionate Solutions


Pre-planning your own funeral is almost the exact same feeling as writing your last will in testament. Truthfully, it’s one of life’s most uncomfortable feelings, as it relates to end-of-life scenarios.

At the same time, most of us continue living in denial, thinking that it couldn’t possibly happen to us because we’re very healthy, too young, and would live longer than anticipated.

Often times end-of-life discussions are an avoidable topic for some families, and without any consideration of the financial burden, we leave behind when life ceases to exist…Sadly enough, it’s not a matter of choice. Most of us are ill-prepared for the inevitable moment of truth, which eventually will occur, and in most cases unexpectedly.

Some of us leave our families in major financial upheavals, faced with mounting debt, which can be avoided altogether, with proper funeral pre-planning in place. Pre-planned funeral arrangements can eliminate family tension that may arise during the difficult and emotional time after you have passed.

Establishing pre-planned written instructions and specific wishes beforehand can erase any confusion or conflict your survivors may have among them. Going Up Yonder can help with funeral|memorial pre-planning services. We offer funeral|memorial pre-planning service guidance to anyone regardless of age, who would like to have their end-of-life wishes honored.

Removing the burdensome worry from your family to finance and organize your funeral|memorial arrangements are the best solution for leaving them debt-free from your funeral expenses. In turn, this allows them to properly focus on planning a celebration of life, in preparation for giving you a meaningful send-off.

After all…Should you not consider f funeral|memorial pre-planning? It will give you peace of mind, knowing your funeral|memorial arrangements are taken care of ahead of time, leaving the heavy lifting to the pallbearers, as you’re Going Up Yonder.

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