Understanding Interment

Your loved one may, or may not have made pre-planning burial arrangements prior to the end of life.

Whether or not a choice was made. Here’s a brief overview, so you’ll have a much better understanding of choices vs. expenses.

An interment is one of several processes, whereas, your loved one’s homegoing concludes the way they have requested, or at the family’s request.

  • Direct Burial
  • Entombment

  • Cremation

Direct Burial is the type of interment, where the body is placed in a casket and is buried underground, usually at a cemetery, or on private land, depending on the state you reside.

Entombment is usually done in mausoleums. Mausoleums can be massive structures used for holding many families or small single-families. They are often used in places where direct burials aren’t allowed or an option and are common in New Orleans and other southern cities in the United States.

Cremations are becoming a popular choice among most Americans. Its cost-effectiveness is mainly responsible for the rise in preferential choice. After the cremation process of your loved one’s body. The ashes are stored and sealed in an urn of your choice and are presented to the family at the conclusion of the memorial service.

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