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HD / Pre-Recorded Video Clip Montage

Estimate Pricing Starts @ $540

Proposed pricing estimation, for pictorial animation video montages, is based on reviewing the customer’s content first. [which includes, video clips & content copy] shortly thereafter, an estimate is delivered to the customer.

What is a  HD Pre-Recorded Video Clip Montage?

Its a series of video recorded events, as they’ve previously happened, and edited together, often removing the original audio tracks, and adding either new background music, or voice over sound tracks to the entire video montage, in preparation for showcasing to friends, family, or at another special occasion. This is usually done with a selection of photos, and very short pre-recorded outtakes, also called “video clips”, that are usually saved in MP4 format.

We do not charge a per video clip fee, so you may include as many video clips as you’d like.

Our entire workflow is based on hourly performance and is prorated into 15-minute work increments, to minimize charging customers a full hour of service, in cases where a full hour, may not be necessary.

The final cost also is determined by the additional customer requests. However, the estimate we send you reflects the required deposit prior to getting started.

A minimum deposit of $270 is required before the work begins on your HD / Pre-Recorded Video Clip Montage

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