Funeral | Memorial Service

Funeral | Memorial Service

Depending on the type of service requested. Traditional religious funerals or memorial services are usually performed by a religious leader who is familiar with your religious customs to perform the service, according to tradition. 

The traditional format of funeral | memorial services, are presently being officiated via virtual funeral & memorial services, due to social restrictions, and personal congregating. The process differs tremendously, and as a result, some traditional steps may be omitted.

Often times most of us become confused with the distinction between a funeral and memorial service…The terminology is commonly misunderstood.

  • A Funeral Service is a service held to memorialize your loved one when the body is present.

  • A Memorial Service is a service held to memorialize your loved one when the body is not present.

  • If your loved one has been cremated and a service is held to memorialize them, whether the cremated remains are present, or not…It’s considered a Memorial Service.

  • If a burial occurs prior to the service for a loved one, the service is considered a Memorial Service.

  • If the body’s present – That’s a Funeral Service.

  • If the body’s not present – That’s a Memorial Service.

Please let us know if there’s anything else you’d like us to do, making this day most memorable…

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