Funeral Arrangements & Coordination

Funeral Arrangements & Coordination

Eternal life isn’t promised to anyone, and we are truly never prepared to lose a loved one…Going Up Yonder stands ready to assist.

Losing a loved one is always an uneventful experience, whether or not the loss was anticipated or completely unexpected. Family members are usually very supportive, but there’s only so much they themselves can do, they too are also grieving as well.
When a loved one dies unexpectedly, and whether or not they have made pre-arrangements for their burial. Going Up Yonder is there to assist with the planning and coordination of properly sending off your loved one.
We do the legwork of planning and coordinating on your behalf, directly with the funeral home, and funeral vendors of your choice, in an effort to reduce your family’s emotional burden.
The burden of making timely decisions about funeral arrangements and burial services becomes completely overwhelming during a time of loss.

At Going Up Yonder, we extend our cohesive abilities, in provisioning care guidance, support, funeral research, and service planning, to help you and your family through the grieving process.
Our reputation is built on trust, compassion, years of experience, planning, and coordinating just about any type of event. As a liaison between you and your family, the Funeral Home, Memorial Service, Transportation Service, Floral Shops, organizing Choirs, Solo vocalist, and musicians, or any other funeral related vendor services not presently mentioned here. However, they are inclusive in the list below.
We extend our services to make the following necessary arrangements while helping you and your family make the most cost-effective decisions.

Our Funeral Service Coordinators can organize any requests from the items listed below

  • Research and negotiate headstone purchase pricing [If one was not pre-arranged]

  • Program | Obituary content writing | designing | printing

  • Floral Arrangements

  • Solo Vocalist

  • Organist | Pianist

  • Musician | Instrumentalist

  • The perfect location for the Memorial Service

  • Casket selection

  • Cremation preparation

  • Urn selection [If cremation is requested]

  • Scattered ashes location [If cremation is requested]

  • Arrangements made with the Funeral Home

  • Approximate music requested prior to the loved one passing, or request made by the family

  • Funeral transportation | Black car services

  • Travel arrangements for family members

  • List of well-wishers who will be in attendance

  • Food catering service for the repast

  • Repast location

At Going Up Yonder, we understand all funerals will never be the same. Everyone is different, and most family situations are unique.

For Further Assistance…Please Contact a Funeral Services Planner | Coordinator