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How can I be sure I ‘m choosing a reputable cremation company?2020-06-21T21:18:42-04:00

Whether you choose cremation or in-ground burial, your best protection is to have your funeral planner | coordinator research the best prices available, before you enter into any legal agreement. Once you start to work with a company, ask questions about the qualifications of their staff, their procedures, and their processes MUST be answered upfront.

Listen to your gut. If you feel pressure to buy certain items, or you feel uncomfortable with the staff, look for another provider. Just remember, funeral providers, are to provide upfront pricing whether you’re in person, or over the telephone. They must also present you with a full range of options, not just the most expensive items.

After cremation, can a memorial service still be arranged?2020-06-22T00:58:18-04:00

Absolutely! With cremation, you actually have more options than with an in-ground burial. You can choose to have a funeral service provided the body’s on display.

After the funeral service and the body is cremated, you can still have a memorial service with or without the remains present.

Keep in mind that if you have a viewing before the actual cremation, embalming may be required.

Memorial services for cremation are flexible and can be held either at a funeral home, the crematory chapel, a church, a restaurant, a hotel reception room, your loved one’s home or some other location that has been meaningful to your loved one.

Am I required to buy embalming for a cremation?2020-06-22T00:57:28-04:00

Unless you plan to have a funeral service with the body present, prior to cremation.
You are not required or obligated to purchase embalming.
You may not even be required need to embalm with a viewing. Regulations vary state-by-state, so it is best to confirm what your state requirements are before making a purchasing commitment.

When are the cremated remains expected to be given back?2020-06-22T00:56:25-04:00

Prior to making arrangements for the cremation, you will be asked to sign an authorization form. This form should have a place for you to record how you would like the remains returned to you.
The funeral director or crematorium should be able to provide you with an estimate of how long it will take until you have access to the remains.
If you plan or having a memorial service at the crematory, the remains are sealed in an urn and presented to the family after the service.

How can I be sure my family receives our loved one’s remains?2020-06-22T00:54:39-04:00

Many facilities post their identification procedures on their websites and provide you with written information outlining their policies.
Proper identification of your loved one’s body is the utmost important element of the cremation process.
If you are working with a funeral planner | coordinator, he or she will review the information with you, before a final signature.
Please don’t hesitate to ask questions about the cremation process, making absolutely sure that you’re comfortable with the steps of the process before proceeding with authorize the cremation.

What can I do with the cremated remains?2020-06-22T00:53:17-04:00

There are so many things you can do with the cremated remains of your loved ones!
The only limitation is your imagination! Ashes can be buried or placed in a columbarium or kept at home. In addition to traditional urns, there are products available that use ashes for jewelry, and decorative pieces.
One of the most popular options is scattering the ashes at a place that held significance for your loved one.

Can multiple bodies be cremated at the same time?2020-06-22T00:52:11-04:00

No! It is illegal to perform multiple cremations at the same time.

Can my family witness our loved one’s cremation?2020-06-22T00:50:58-04:00

Many crematoriums offer the family an opportunity to witness the cremation of their loved ones. Policies vary from facility-to-facility so you should ask your service provider prior questions regarding the partaking of the actual viewing process of the cremation.

Is a casket necessary, or required for cremation?2020-06-22T00:49:46-04:00

For a funeral or viewing with the body present, you will need a casket. That doesn’t mean you have run out and purchase one. Many crematory offer caskets for rental. You will also need an appropriate container to hold the body during the cremation.

There are many economical options. You will likely see the term “alternative container.” This refers to a combustible, environmentally safe container to hold the body for the cremation.

How is the body prepared for cremation?2020-06-22T00:48:46-04:00

Planning a funeral service with the body present, it will be prepared much in the same way, it’s done for direct burials.
It will be cleaned and perhaps embalmed.

If you have a cremation without a viewing, the body will be cleaned and medical devices removed. For example, pacemakers must be removed since they can explode during cremation. Silicone implants and other prosthetics are also removed.

Am I required to purchase an Urn?2020-06-22T00:46:48-04:00

You are not required to purchase an urn from the funeral home or crematory that you use their services. In fact, you do have to buy an urn at all. Recently many people have created their own homemade container for the ashes or they purchase one of the many beautiful choices that are available online, that are economically priced.

How can I make sure my cremation is environmentally friendly?2020-07-16T20:02:28-04:00

The options for green cremation are growing. However, most people are still limited primarily to traditional cremation.
There are a number of ways that you can help to be sure that the cremation of your loved one does as little harm to the environment as possible.
Choosing a biodegradable cremation container and urn are two very good ways to help reduce the carbon footprint of the cremation and biodegradable process.

What is the best way to save money on a funeral?2020-05-23T13:30:47-04:00

Hiring a professional funeral planner | coordinator is often the best, and most cost-effective option, as opposed to doing it yourself. A funeral planner | coordinator researches and negotiates the best price packages available, directly with the funeral homes and cemeteries in your area. We can provide side-by-side comparisons of available service options, providers, and pricing.

What if my family disagrees with my wishes after I am gone?2020-07-16T20:04:42-04:00

Legally, your survivors are generally not obligated to honor your entire end-of-life wishlist. However, most families in my experience, have been very respectful of any requests or wishes made by their loved ones before the end of life.

What if my family doesn’t want to talk about my funeral plans?2020-05-23T13:12:49-04:00

It shouldn’t be surprising if your family doesn’t want to talk about end of life issues and your wishes for your own funeral | burial service. Although my main focus is on planning & coordination. I serve as an impartial family advocate, I’ll be more than happy to listen to any family member’s reasoning for resisting your wishes, and offer sound advice moving forward.



Do I have to prepay for my funeral now?2020-05-23T13:02:42-04:00

Prepayment is a choice, not a requirement. We encourage funeral service pre-planning in advance, simply because it puts you in control of all decisions that no other has to make on your behalf.

What are the advantages of Pre-planning my own funeral?2020-06-17T00:40:00-04:00

When you make your funeral and burial arrangements in advance, you gain peace of mind. If you envision certain flowers, scripture readings, or music selection at your funeral service, you can make those choices now so your family doesn’t have to in a time of grief. If you choose to prepay for any services, you also ease the financial burden for surviving family later on.

Is the alcohol content in your cakes reduced when baked?2020-06-10T22:57:55-04:00

Yes…According to a study from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Nutrient Data lab. It confirmed food that was either baked or simmered in alcohol for 15 minutes still retains 40 percent of the alcohol. After an hour of cooking, 25 percent of the alcohol remains, and even after two and a half hours there’s still 5 percent of it. Our Caribbean | European fruit cakes usually bake for approximately 2 hours, before completion.

What are your rates for content writing?2020-06-10T22:58:17-04:00

We offer content writing for a flat rate fee based on the scope of work involved. Additional or extended service writings are usually billed in incremental hourly rates of 15-minute segments. However, you may “REQUEST-A-QUOTE” for content writing under the Navigation Header Menu dropdown tab REQUEST-A-QUOTE for CONTENT WRITING.

What the timeline order for Caribbean | European Fruit Cakes2020-06-10T22:58:50-04:00

For the traditional Caribbean | European fruit cake, please order a month in advance even though we may be able to accommodate late orders. We prefer that orders are placed a week in advance for regular orders. For special orders [weddings, special birthdays, etc.] please contact us.

Do you have a retail location?2020-06-10T22:59:18-04:00

No, not at this time…However, we have given it room for consideration

How far in advance do I need to place an order?2020-06-10T23:00:13-04:00

Regular orders should be placed within 2 weeks of requested delivery. Orders for fruit cakes should be placed within 3 weeks of the delivery date. However, when rush orders are required, we make every effort to deliver on time.

What delivery methods are used to send orders to your clients?2020-06-10T23:00:48-04:00

Deliveries are an option within the immediate Washington, D.C. metro area for an additional fee depending on location. Deliveries outside the metro area or to other parts of the country are an option for a delivery fee, pending upon the mode of delivery.

Are your Cakes & Desserts gluten free?2020-06-10T23:01:23-04:00

Unfortunately they aren’t. However, we are working closely with a food science team, who are in the process of making this option available in the near future.

Are your Cakes & Desserts nut free?2020-06-10T23:01:53-04:00

Yes, with the exception of the fruit cake Only if it is decorated

What’s a traditional Caribbean | European fruit cake?2020-06-10T23:02:17-04:00

A mixture of raisins, currants, cherries, and prunes finely ground and soaked in wines, brandy, and rum. These combined ingredients are left to cure over a period of time, the longer the curing time, the greater the flavors when baked.

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