Cancellation & Refund Policies

Creative Harts, LLC, strictly enforces a minimum requirement of 72 hours prior notice of cancellation, for any scheduled services we provide. We require this very important step, in an effort to reduce potentially significant monetary losses that can be incurred, affecting the company, vendor services, and the consultants. Creative Harts, LLC, strictly enforces after the 72-hour window expires, a non-cancelable, a non-transferable, and non-refundable policy, for all services rendered. Therefore, if you are considering early cancellation, the amount of refund, if any, would depend upon how far along we are in the planning stages, or how close we are to the date of your event.
We strongly suggest and encourage you to notify us by speaking directly to your service consultant, prior to the 72-hour cancelation window, of your intention to cancel any of our services.
It is your responsibility, as a customer, to read and understand these policies clearly prior to the completion of any payment.
When you book any of our services, you have acknowledged that you have read, understood, and have agreed to the terms and conditions of these policies. This also serves to verify and acknowledge your electronic signature.