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    Hazel Thom is the CEO of Creative Harts, LLC. An Event Planning and Coordination company, serving the Metropolitan Washington D.C. area and [Statewide] in Maryland. We also facilitate out of town customers, through a network of affiliated resources, or we’ll travel to coordinate the entire event onsite, at the customer’s request.

    Creative Harts’ brainchild conceptual creation began with Hazel’s H.A.R.T filled passion for event planning & coordination. Her natural love for bringing friends & families together, through planned events to celebrate, has made every occasion eventful.

    Hazel has always been a people person. She has assisted friends, family, acquaintances, well-wishers, associates, and occasionally a friend-of-a-friend, with planning their events, out of the goodness of her H.A.R.T for a number of years.

    Her entrepreneurial journey began at an earlier stage in life. However, during that chapter of her life, she was focused on other important responsibilities…Balancing her obligations as a wife, mother, and driver, she has shuttled her children to and from school, including after school activities, in her quest to build a concrete family foundation, all while managing a lifelong career as an Educator.

    Hazel is not camera-shy, and although it’s rarely ever mentioned. Prince George’s County Public School system initiated its Distance Learning Program. Hazel was hand-picked at the initial launching, to host a one hour live televised teaching program, aired five days a week, serving Metro Washington D.C., and surrounding outlined areas as well. She was tasked to do this On-Air program, without any prior television broadcasting experience. Which meant, there was absolutely no room for errors or edits. For those of you who can vividly remember watching her program, would remember how remarkably well she handled this assignment.

    Compelling enough, she maintained her full-time career, alongside this assignment…The teaching television program ran successively for 12 years, before its final curtain call.

    Married to her wonderful husband, for more than 36 years, she’s a person of remarkable distinction, integrity, and moral character. A proud mother of three successful adult sons, and a fairly new grand Diva.

    I have known Hazel my entire life, and never once have I ever witnessed her losing her cool. She exercises quite a bit of patient, possesses a very pleasant and positive personality. As gentle as her spirit is…She remains a force to be reckoned with.

    Hazel is a proud graduate of Bowie State University, who finished a four-year curriculum in 3 ½ years. The only reason why Hazel did not graduate earlier than she actually did, simply because she wasn’t aware of the summer school programs, that were available in her freshman year of college.

    She graduated with one of the highest honors of distinction…Magna Cum Laude. Upon graduating, she went on to finish up her master’s program.

    Serving more than four-decade as an Educator, and towards the end of her career, Hazel realized her bachelor’s degree in English and her master’s degree in Education did not condemn her mind to a high school or university classroom, despite her obligation.

    She thought the timing was right, to make a career power shift, by going into business for herself, pursuing yet another one of her passions that she truly enjoys,

    Her learning experiences harnessed throughout the years were invaluable. Coupled with her natural abilities, which all came together in assisting her to jump start this business venture while creating a solid foundation upon which Creative Harts was established in 2015, and still stands tall today.

    She‘s an exceptional writer and is quite an eloquent speaker, who speaks from a H.A.R.T of solid gold.

    As quiet as it’s kept, her schedule affords her to currently accept bookings for private or public speaking engagements, including performing the duties of Mistress of Ceremonies, for most types of Social and Corporate events.

    Hazel has a very unique way of giving back while paying things forward. She continually imparts her life experiences, intended to empower and improve the youthful lives of the next generation…

    Client Testimonials

    Thank you for your service. Everything went well and the program was excellent. I appreciate you and everything that you did. It was worth every penny!

    Simmone A. | Greenbelt, Maryland

    We are truly grateful you could celebrate our special wedding day. We are blessed to have you in our lives. The cakes from Creative Harts, LLC continue to wow us. You make every event extra special, and you do it with love and it shows. Thank you!

    The Clays | Potomac, Maryland

    When my grandmother passed away in March 2022, I knew exactly which company I needed to contact to coordinate her funeral. Creative Harts, LLC created a program in rapid time for another family member’s funeral last year. From organization of the funeral service, to creating and designing the program, I will refer others to this company.

    C.M.| Hyattsville, Maryland

    This business is owned and run by an entrepreneur who is very creative and industrious. The CEO of Creative Harts is endowed with a multiplicity of gifts and skills. Her versatility enables her to design, craft, organize, and plan an event that surpasses your expectation. She takes great care in providing all the help and services needed, especially at an unexpected event or loss of a family member.

    J.T.-C. | Upper Marlboro, Maryland